Software Features

Featured ads

Featured Listings

Use of featured listings is beneficial for both users and administrator. Users have an option to mark their listings from the general list and administrator may earn extra money by selling featured plans to users.

Advanced form manager

Mostly the script's flexibility is defined by admin options to add new listings' types, field categories and much more without amending the source code.

Facebook connect

Facebook Connect

If your potential users are Facebook users then they may easily become your site users by creating of accounts through Facebook with the option to add all necessary data after.

Bulk listings export/import

Adding bulk listings may take a lot of time and efforts. With the help of the import module you may import listings and pics from CSS/XLS files by a few clicks.

Standalone seller page

Standalone seller page

The following option allows sellers to create own personal pages with all details including listings added by users. Also a seller may share its own page in the way of URL in subdirectory or a sub domain.

Admin Panel

Backend interface is the powerful tool for setup and work with your classifieds website. With the help of the admin panel you can manage listings, categories, accounts, create fields, forms and much much more.

Admin panel interface

Search by distance

Search by Distance

Search listings by zip code within particular area is an incontestable and convenient feature for users who wish to save their time during listings' search around them.

Field bound boxes

Option to set a block in the users' part with the selection of a field in the way of a category is the comfortable tool for marking listings basing on criteria and quick listings' view.

Filtering ads by location

Option to filter listings by location allows to concentrate on listings itself rather than on search of listings consistent with the location.